A hobo is born

After I graduated college, I sold or gave away most of my possessions. As a young US American following the footsteps of many before me, I headed west to California.

ho·​bo  / ˈhō-(ˌ)bō /
(n.) a migratory worker

With just a few duffel bags of cargo, my 21-st century move from Florida to California lasted only a few hours on an airplane. My destination: San Francisco -- where, in a few weeks, I'd begin a new job as a software engineer.

During my time living in California, I visited Yosemite National Park and went on my first-ever overnight trekking trip. This experience taught me much about self-sufficiency and packing light--something that I later refined to an art.

I was in San Francisco for just over a year, but I never spread my roots too deep. Before my second year, my feet were itching for something new, and I found myself on a plane again -- this time destined for New York. With Guthy's voice singing through my earphones, I flew from the Redwood forests to the New York islands.

After some time, I was off again, heading down the US east coast back to Florida, and I hopped a plane to the furthest city in America that had an international airport -- Santiago de Chile.

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2 thoughts on “A hobo is born”

  1. Hey bro,
    How do you do? I am kosin who met you at indian visa center(MTB Chinese guy)
    I had arrived Kolkata (two days earlier) and ready to go the Chennai.

    Just want to share The route I came from Kathmandu to the Nepal-India border is quite okay but narrow.
    (kathmandu-dakshinkali-hetauda-birgunj-raxaul),80%nice surface and 20%rough.(When no rains)
    Uphill (several steep really) -Kathmandu to bhimphedi
    Downhill and flat road from bhimphedi onwards
    And the road surface here really better by the way.

    Best regards

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