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I arrived in Dharamshala in a state fit for seeing His Holiness the Dalai Lama himself. The local Indian bus dropped me at 04:00 am after a sleepless night bouncing around mountain bends through Himachal Pradesh. The sun wasn't up, it was cold, and I wasn't sure exactly where I was. So, I through on a few more layers and tried to get a few hours of sleep.

A table has many circular dumpling sheets scattered on it. In the middle is a bowl of filling. Near the camera is a tray of momos ready for steaming.
Making Momos
Dalai Lama's home in Dharamsala
Dalai Lama's home

When I finally made it to McLeod Ganj, I was tired & weak, so I stopped for tea & lunch. After eating, I was still feeling ill, and my forehead was ablaze, so I set off to find cheap lodging at noon. In an hour, I was laying on a thin, 200 rupee/night mattress. I slept for >12 hours. When I awoke, my fever was gone.

The next 2 days I wondered the boring streets of McLeod Ganj--filled with mostly shops & restaurants. It only took a half-day to see the temple--the home of the Dalai Lama in exile--and the small museum outside commemorating the Tibetan people in exile. My last day I took a Tibetan moma-making class, and discovered in horror that everything pure in Tibetan Dharamshala had butter poured on it.

I booked my bus for Amritsar, which departed 04:00 am the following morning.

Fever in India

On Wednesday I came home early from work with a 101 degree fever. I've been traveling in-and-out of malaria & dengue fever zones for the past 2 months, so my first thought was: get to the hospital for a diagnosis--this could get bad, fast. For some reason, I had no other major symptoms. Despite weakness, chills, and pain, I walked myself to the nearest ER--less than 1km from my bed.

I'm damp with a mild euphoric, dissociative trance reminiscent of years past experiments with Ketamine.

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